A tag...and a badge

I was tagged by Toni to share 7 random/weird facts about myself. goes.

1. I know all of the Auxiliary Verbs in the English language. Really I do.

should....will....would...must. I remember these even at the ripe old age of 39 because I had a demented English teacher in the 7th grade that made all my classmates and I repeat this as fast as we could...over and over and over. I would venture a guess that this is one English lesson that stuck with all of us.

2. This same English teacher had us all writing a Baby's First Alphabet book in the 7th grade (when we were learning poetry). To get us into it (after all...we were in our teens and our hormones were out of control), our class opted to have all of the babies perish in some weird way. We also illustrated our writings. I had the letters A (A is for Agnus who slipped on a rug) and B (B is for Buckwheat done in by a thug). At my 10th class reunion, Mr. Tornes brought our Alphabet book for us to reminisce over.

3. Both of my children were delivered via C-Section.

4. I can play the Clarinet and Saxophone.

5. I met my husband through my brother and former sister-in-law. My husband is my former sister-in-laws brother, so we were double "in-laws" for a while.

6. I used to be fairly blonde. As I have gotten older (and had children) my hair color is now naturally a medium brown (with a few grays as a bonus). Thank goodness for highlights! I swear my youngest child sucked all of the pretty blonde out of me.

7. I LOVE 80's New Wave music and have a bunch of songs loaded on my IPOD. The music just takes me back to my childhood and can always put me in a good mood.

I hope the Babies First Alphabet book doesn't frighten too many of you. I am totally non-violent and love children.

Toni also gave me this super cool badge! Thanks Toni!


toners said...

Great list, Linda! I'm also an 80s fan...loved it all! I was listening to (dare I say it) Nik Kershaw just this afternoon! LOL!!

Karrie Baker said...

the 80's ROCK!!! I am a HUGE fan of them and guess what? I played the FLUTE growing up. Too funny!

Leslie Miller said...

I have to admit I laughed out loud at your baby alphabet book! I know it's a little morbid, but teens will be teens. I think your poetry is quite clever! Gave your teacher quite a surprise, I'll bet!

Chris (cdjkssss on SCS) said...

Weird. I had a teacher who made us recite the auxiliary verbs as well. Our list was a little bit longer, though. Same as yours from am through did. Then "shall, will, should, would, may, might, must, can, could". Wonder why the difference?

I also play clarinet and saxophone. I'm a bit older than you and only got in on the very beginning of the new wave music before graduating from college. Some of it I like and some drives me nuts!

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