TCP Calendar (continued)

OK, here is April through August. Here are the details if you would like them: Stamps: Little Sprinkle and Happy Crown (April), Guitar Cat (May), Chef Sprinkle (June), Patriotic Sprinkle (July), and Sprinkle Annette (Aug).

edited to add the month of May! Thanks Sharon!


Sharon in NE said...

Genius, Linda!!! That is so incredible to think of all of these! (April, especially, love the April fool's hat.)

Anxious to see May's Sprinkle on the guitar. (cinco de mayo!).

Sharon in NE said...

woo HOO!!! Guess what I have for my January background on my computer!! yep...its sweet little Sprinkles and the January calendar. And Febuary I'll have Poochie...etc. Glad you're good at taking pics. I got them off of your gallery on SCS and will change each month! I love them!!!! Now I won't have to be jealous of Karrie!! (well, I'll always be jealous of her talent...:D)

Julee T. (Shadowcatcher) said...

This is just the bestest little gift in the world! Sprinkle through the year! You genius, you!

Karrie Baker said...

I just want you to know I am bringing this over to my friend Dana's house tomorrow to show it off to her. You know, make her a little jealous!! LOL

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