I was tagged by Toni over on Moved to the Mountains! I'm going to tag Julee and Karrie!

1. Last music you listened to - Planet Claire by the B52's! I'm trying to get inspired by the music for Toni's TCP on her blog!
2. Last thing you watched on TV - House - I have so missed watching my favorite shows while in training. It feels so good to be back to a normal schedule!
3. Last movie seen - Alvin and the Chipmunks on DVD.
4. Last book you read - There's a Wocket in my Pocket (gotta read the kiddos their bedtime stories).
5. Last person you spoke to - Christopher (my little soon to be 5 year old is wanting to be fed breadfest it seems...LOL!)
6. Last thing you ate - A 'natural' Cheetos cheese puff (no orange fingers...yeah).
7. Last time you laughed - this morning with Harland and Christopher. Something about little boys jumping in mommy and daddy's bed.
8. Last place you visited - Cripple Creek, CO
9. Last web site you visited - Toni's blog
10. Last thing you crafted/created - a card for Carole's TCP Tuesday challenge.


Tracy said...

here is the link to the Penny Black stamp I used on my card today

It is called Garden Poem. I think it is a new release, I found it at my LSS.

toners said...

I hope that music is inspiring you!! :)

Sues said...

It's fun to learn more about you! Hope things are well for you this weekend!!!

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