I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by none other than the bad girl herself (aka Sherry Cheever)! The object is to give one word answers (and seeing as how I like to talk (both with my mouth and hands)) you can imagine how difficult this is for me. You can only type one word. No explanations…
Yourself: busy

Your Partner: wonderful
Your Hair: colored
Your Mother: dependable
Your Father: dreamer
Your Favorite Item: computer
Your Dream Last Night: nonexistant
Your Favorite Drink: coke
Your Dream Car: bmw
Dream Home: mountain
The Room You Are In: office
Your Fear: bees
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: retired
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: cat
You’re Not: selfish
One of Your Wish List Items: Italy
The Last Thing You Did: laundry
you Are Wearing: cat
Your Favorite Weather: warm
Your Favorite Book: Potter
Last Thing You Ate: mexican
Your Life: busy
Your Mood: content
Your Best Friend: Shuana
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: bed
Your Car: Subaru
What Are You Doing At The Moment: tag
Relationship Status: married
What Is On Your TV: nothing
What Is The Weather Like: muggy
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: today

This is a new game of tag. Let me know your one word answers. You can link back here in the comments, so I can check them out!
I suppose I should now tag someone else!
Lindsey, Julee, Cindy, Beate, and Leslie.


Sherry Cheever said...

This was a hard one! I myself wanted to give explanations but amazingly enough the answers are quite interesting when you don't! Thanks for playing along!

Lindsey (jacksonbelle) said...

I am SOOO bad at one word answers! lol! Love reading yours!! :D

Tracy said...

I think this tag is much better than all the details...I am a bit one-word challenged but still it looks much simplier. Great job!

Cindy H. said...

Had to laugh when I read you were wearing - cat! That just struck me as soooo funny. TFS

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