Enabler Alert

Lookie at what is on its way to me! It's on sale today at Hancock Fabrics for $39.99! If you've been wanting one, today is the day to purchase it. There is also free shipping for orders of $50.00 or more (I added bobbins to mine). Maybe my friend Karrie will take pity on me and make me a cute cover for it! LOL!
I'll be putting this little baby to use on my December "Three Peeps" card! Karrie's part of the challenge was to incorporate stitching on the card (either real or faux).
I'm off to clean house and do some laundry! I've also got to help the kiddos with some of their homework. I've been working on a December Daily album project ala Ali Edwards. I'll try posting some pics of some of my more completed pages today. I'm really looking forward to completing this album in December.
Thanks for stopping by!


Karrie Baker said...

I thought you had a JJ!!! How have you gone this long without one?? Seriously! LOL

And yes, I will see what I can do about a cover for you. Heehee

toners said...

Enjoy your new toy!! stitching will be faux.... :)

Karrie Baker said...

Hello? Anyone home? What's up Chica??? Am I going to need to come up there and hunt you down?????? :)

Miss you! Hope all is well. Come back soon! xoxoxo

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