What I did over Labor Day Weekend

I know that this post is a few days late, but the photos are too pretty NOT to share. LOL!

Every year over the Labor Day weekend holiday, Colorado Springs, CO has a hot air balloon classic. It is not for the faint of heart (nor slow to rise) as you have to get up at what I fondly refer to as "O-dark-thirty" to go and see the balloons. As the kids have gotten older, it has been a little easier to get them out of bed ("when it is still night" according to the kiddos...LOL!)!

This is the very first balloon that took off! The balloon pilot wanted to be the very first one to touch the lake and get a cup of water.....

Here the balloon pilots are starting to inflate for the very first 'wave' of balloons to take off!

Here is Harland and Christopher! Harland now has his very own digital camera and was busy snapping photos left and right. Unfortunately, Harland came down with a nasty ear infection on Monday night. I had to take him to the Emergency Room at our local hospital on Tuesday morning. We did not make it out of there until 4:00 AM. Tired kid and tired mommy! LOL!

The ever popular Noah's Ark balloon!

This is the very first time that I have ever seen this ladybug....

Loved the patriotic Red, White, and Blue balloon! That is Cheyenne Mountain in the background.

I have many more pictures (literally in the hundreds) but thought I would share just a few! Our balloon classic isn't as big as the one held in Albuquerque, NM that goes on in October, but it is still fun to go to!


toners said...

WOW! What fun!! We may have to try and make it down there next year :)

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! I love hot air balloons. I don't know if I'd ever ride in one, but I sure do love watching them.

Amy said...

I'm not sure if I knew you were in the Springs or not. I grew up there and my family is still there. I miss the balloon festival. It is so fun. I'm glad I got to see your pictures.
Have a great weekend!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh! How fun! And what a beautiful setting. I love the Noah's Ark balloon! I knew they did a balloon thing in New Mexico but you're so lucky to have this near your home. What a great time!

Sues said...

This is cool! Have never been, but then again we are always gone over Labor Day. Maybe sometime soon I'd love to see that!!!

Heather said...

Wow ... how did I miss this!? *laugh*

Lovely pics!

Heather said...

Wow ... how did I miss this!? *laugh*

Lovely pics!

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