Stamp-A-Faire Meet and Greet

Today is the long anticipated Stamp-a-Faire!  Last night I tidied up my workspace so I would actually have more than a 6x6 area to work in and got my SAF stamps sets (and maybe a new release stamp set or two) put away in TH folders (well really the HL brand).  I'm ready!

Here you can see my desk (there IS white space under there...LOL!

Desk area

And here is a self portrait of me (REALLY wish my arms were a bit longer) wearing my Stamp-a-Faire apron.

PTI Stamp-a-Faire Meet and Greet

Hope everyone has a wonderfully creative day!



Noelle said...

Sounds like a fun event, Linda! Love your "selfie" and I cleaned up my desk saturday only to pile it all up again by Saturday night! Ack-back to the grind. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Linda E (uncbballfan) said...

Love your self-photo, and your work space looks great!

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