Away We Go

Good Morning and welcome to day 6 of Sneaky Peek week from The Cat's Pajamas!! I have yet another awesome new set that I am sharing with you today called Away We Go!!!! Flopsy (as I like to call her) has now decided that she wants to give hot air balooning a try.

Now Flopsy's balloon was already swanky, but I've fancied up her balloon just a wee bit more by stamping that illustrious and well loved Sprinkle on her balloon (anyone that knows me, knows that Sprinkle has a well earned place in my heart). I actually stamped Sprinkle first, and then went over that swanky feline with the fabulous clear stamp and was able to position everything perfectly. That wonderful new Cloud Die is REALLY making an appearance here. I was just playing around with all my new goodies/stash, and had cut out multiple clouds on that wonderful glittery paper. I had them all lined up one on top of the other, and the I happened to look over on my desk and see a sketch (Jen's March SFYTT) that I had printed out a while back that worked perfectly.


Detail shot:
Have a wonderful day!



Jessie said...

Love it! The cat in the balloon is great!

Nancy Thomas said...

How fun - love that you added Sprinkle to the mix. Love all the texture you added too.

Jackie Pedro said...

A Sprinkle balloon? ADORABLE, Linda! Love the layout!

Kelly in Canada said...

you add such lovely layers to your cards. the effect is just great. i like the colours too.

alma said...

This just cracks me up. It reminds me of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.
LOVE that you put the clouds behind the balloon. What a great idea!

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