TCP Sneaky Peek Day 3

Welcome back to day three of Sneaky Peek Week for The Cats Pajamas.  Today's peek features our favorite long eared bunny Bun Bun Ears of Doom (or BBEOD for short).  BBEOD is the star of the show in the new set called Go Fight Win, and I am officially smitten!

I wouldn't normally choose such garish colors for a card, but no self respecting Colorado girl would choose otherwise.  Imagine the possibilities with this set...high school, college, NFL...lots of different colors possibilities to personalise a card to a recipients liking.  This card is probably going to find its way to the grandparents with pictures of the boys inside.

I wanted to point out something about the football field that BBEOD is running on.  This is the new "Dots" die that is being released.  I cut a piece of acetate with the die to create a stencil, and then used dimensional paste to stencil the dots on!  It has a really cool textural and dimensional look in real life!

There are lots of other TCP dies at work here, and when my Internet comes back up at my house, I'll come back and edit this post with all the cool details.  Thank goodness for smartphones!

So what do you think of this little guy?  I personally am amazed that he was able to jam that helmet on his little head (he kinda reminds me of that NFL player with all that long curly hair flowing down the back of his helmet).


Also used the following CutUps:  Big Scallop , Pinking BorderBitty Banners3x3 Stars


Bonnie Lynn said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

Lisa H. said...

this is super cute! love that you used the dots die as a stencil...soooo cool!

Unknown said...

He is sooooo adorable in orange and blue! Exactly on being a CO girl! ;)

Nancy Thomas said...

Love all the fun colors Linda - this is so well designed.

Alma de la Rosa said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS? What a great card, even though there are some Colorado colors in there....

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